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Thoughts on The Roving Tree and a talk with its Author

A book about a poor Haitian child that is adopted by White upper middle-class American parents could have easily turned into a headache-inducing cliché, but The Roving Tree is an unexpected delight. Read the HIP book review as well as our interview with The Roving Tree's author Elsie Augustave.









An update (and lookback) on POWER SURGE

The last time HIP spoke to Power Surge, it was 2009. Since then he’s moved back to Haiti and worked with big names like T-Vice, Mikaben and Flo Rida. After a successful stint as a producer at Baoli Records where he produced J Perry’s debut album and led him to perform like the Zumba anthem Boujé on international tours, he is making new moves. Here is what he’s been up to, in his own words.






Ready to go au naturel?

Approaching the upcoming 5th anniversary of her dreadlocks, HIP editor, Shadine Ménard gives an introspective look on what going natural meant to her. Natural hair expert Kurlybella of and Mireille Liong-A-Kong of weigh in as well.






Spotlight on SELEBRASYON

New York is a state where Haitian-Americans work, live, eat, play, walk and exist in everyday. SELEBRASYON! is a great initiative created by Haiti Cultural Exchange. From May 18 until June 30, 2014, there will be many Haitian events to attend, art to appreciate and food to taste in the Big Apple.




Wardrobe Makeover

HIP's editor helps you make over your closet: Over the years I've enjoyed my unofficial role of wardrobe stylist, personal shopper and fashion consultant to friends and family, but what I enjoy the most every year (sometimes twice a year) is my own wardrobe makeover. I hope these tips help you make the most out of what you already have and encourage you to enjoy shopping for what you don't.






HIP guest contributor Diony Monestime shares his pictures of Haiti's North countryside with us.












Chef Ron Duprat is probably the most talked about Haitian chef right now. He has served his dishes to many notable names around the world at private events such as Usher’s 2007 wedding and via appearances on popular shows like Good Morning Amerca. Following his participation on the sixth season of Bravo’s Top Chef in 2009, his career has soared to new heights.






Dominican Republic and Haiti: One Island, Two very different people.

Dominican Republic decided to go against its own constitution with the 168/13 ruling that strips Black Dominicans, mainly of Haitian descent, of their Dominican citizenship. In this Op-ed, Diony Monestime explains the ruling and the difference between Dominican Republic and Haiti as a people.