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EUD: Se Jou Pa L


An 2010, HIP te fè on ti pale ak youn nan pi gwo non rap kreyol la : Princesse Eud. Kounyenya an 2014, li lè pou n wè kòman Eudomination la evolye nan koze stil ak mizik la. Talan, bote ak anpil stil… fanm kreyol sa se yon Femme Fatale li ye vre !














Homage to Maya Angelou, a Phenomenal Woman


HIP’s three-language tribute to Maya Angelou: In Haiti, the Vendredis Littéraires of Université Caraïbe paid homage to Maya Angelou. Haitian author Évelyne Trouillot shares how the literary and artistic community in Haiti gave their thanks and said goodbye to her two days after her passing.






VIZAJ NOU: Gessica Geneus’ docu-series takes its first steps


Kombit Bar & Restaurant was packed and the crowd wasn’t just there for the exotic juices, fritay and dire kole. They were there for the U.S. film premiere of Vizaj Nou, a documentary series created by actor & producer Gessica Généus featuring Haitian living legends Anthony Pascal (Konpè Filo) and Viviane Gauthier.







Living legend Emerante de Pradines recalls her singing career and the contempories she met along the way. 










Cultural Celebration or Spiritual Cleansing?

The city-wide celebration of Haitian culture in New York touched us mind, body and soul. A true celebration of our heritage, culture was experienced with Mimerose “Manzè” Beauburn and during the LaCaye HCX DanceAfrica live music set.





Katia Cadet takes Center Stage


Katia Cadet has worked onstage and behind the scenes, but in no way does she want to be a nameless talent behind some of your favorite songs, instead she wants to take center stage with I Am Boundless, her first solo effort.













Blogger’s Corner: Kika shares her Brown Rice Family experience and more


Guest blogger Kika gives her take on a night full of Selebrasyon: Am I wrong to say that one has not lived the Brooklyn, Haitian, Jamaican, Japanese, Nigerian, South African way until they have seen Brown Rice Family live? Well if I’m wrong #sorrynotsorry.  They make you forget all that is wrong with the world. 





Boombox: Koute BelO Natif Natal


Lakou Trankil te tèlman orijinal m te panse BelO patap janm ka rive nan nivo sa a ankò. Men kou m tande nouvo cd a, Natif Natal, m chanji davi. Li merite non an paske ki reprezante nou byen.







Boombox: Lending an ear to BelO’s Natif Natal


Our editor has been a fan of BelO from day one and has stayed partial to Lakou Trankil (his debut album) in particular. It was like an insurmountable plateau that was so fresh and authentic that his follow-up album, Référence, had a hard time reaching its heights. But now that she's heard his new release Natif Natal…








Although the weather in the Northeast is causing our dresses to make a delayed appearance, we can take one step into Spring with some FRANÇOISE ÉLIZÉE great arm candy.








Wear some red with your summer blues


Plan on wearing red and blue for Haitian Flag Day or just like rocking your summer blues and a white tank? A little red eyeshadow brings a whole lot of sexy! 












Whether you like rockers, hipsters or men in suits you'll want to know abbout Alpha Male Paul Beaubrun. Zing Experience’s music is a fusion of styles and so seems to be its frontman’s wardrobe. TOUR DATES ADDED.











Thoughts on The Roving Tree and a talk with its Author


A book about a poor Haitian child that is adopted by White upper middle-class American parents could have easily turned into a headache-inducing cliché, but The Roving Tree is an unexpected delight. Read the HIP book review as well as our interview with The Roving Tree's author Elsie Augustave.









Ready to go au naturel?


Approaching the upcoming 5th anniversary of her dreadlocks, HIP editor, Shadine Ménard gives an introspective look on what going natural meant to her. Natural hair expert Kurlybella of and Mireille Liong-A-Kong of weigh in as well.